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German Arnolt

German Arnolt

German Arnolt

Guitar Books

These are my favorite books for guitar performance learning and, at the same time, the most serious ones on this subject. Despite them all being very clear and accurate, it is always advisable to study under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

All of these books discuss the classical guitar. Although this may not be the kind of music you want to play, it is an important base for playing any type of style.

Learning the Classic Guitar, part 1 & 2: (Aaron Shearer)
Aaron Shearer is one of the most widely recognized and respected classic guitar teachers in America. Learning the Classic Guitar is a new direction in guitar instruction. Many ideas in these books break new ground. Part one focuses on technical development and explains the most efficient approach to study and practice. Part two should go along with part one and it presents the elements of music and procedures for developing ability to sight-read and memorize.

Classical Guitar Pedagogy: (by Anthony Glise)
This comprehensive, illustrated text offers an in-depth look at the mechanics and musical thought process of teaching the classical guitar the "why" rather than the "how" the classical guitarist does things a certain way. It contains ideas and techniques to help organize your teaching more efficiently, plus tips on career development as a classical guitar teacher and performer. This book is a goldmine of information and reflections and I strongly recommend it.

Kitharologus: The Path to Virtuosity: (by Ricardo Iznaola)
Very detailed exercises from the most basic to advanced. Not a how-to book but a very complete supplement. Each exercise is accompanied by a list of goals and a practice approach to help you focus for that exercise. The work-out plans ensure that your practice times throughout the week are well balanced. A lot of hard work.

Technique - Mechanism - Learning: (by Eduardo Fernández)
Another book which does not exactly analyze a method, but it is the vision of a virtuoso guitarist on how to find a solution for the difficult passages of the guitar.The most important aspect of this book is that it works with extracts from plays written by famous composers that are treated differently in order to reduce the difficulty. A great book different to any other.

Science and method in Guitar technique: (by Jorge Cardoso)
Jorge Cardoso is an important classical guitar concert guitarist, a great improviser, a renowned composer and, also, a medical doctor. In other words, a versatile man that has gathered all this knowledge in this interesting and inspiring book on guitar. It is in Spanish as well as in English.

The Essential Studies: (by David Tanenbaum)
This is a series made up of three books based on the studies of Sor, Carcassi and Leo Brower. In them, Tanenbaum analyzes each one of the studies in deep technically and interpretatively as well. Some are two pages long, and others simply one paragraph, but all the information provided is highly useful for playing these studies. It is worth saying that the actual studies are not included in the books. A CD can also be purchased, in which Tanenbaum masterly plays each of the studies.

Mastering Guitar Technique: Process & Essence: (by Christopher Berg)
This book is a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the requirements for developing an effortless and musically-sensitive guitar technique. Christopher Berg's purpose in the first part of the book is to present information about the abilities and limits of the different parts of the body; to explore the relationship between the function of our central nervous system and how we practice; and finally, to distill those discussions into several technical principles. The twenty-four lessons that follow explore the practical application of these concepts to specific areas of guitar technique.

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